Hustle Stack Pray Repeat

I was born and raised in Hillsborough County, Florida in low income housing (public housing) in an agricultural city that functioned like a town.

I navigated two different environments at the same time. One was public housing a location of over policing, drugs & violence. While the other was the overall agricultural city that still held on to pieces of its Old South past of prejudice & discrimination.

Nevertheless through strategic hustle I navigated these environments to create a path for greater purpose & empowerment.

Music from the streets of
the 813 (Tampa, Florida)


The Trek With Bek Project will create more strategists who can navigate challenging environments to create sustainable eco & water solutions.

It will require strategy, heart & eco savvy!


much respect to the squad who reflects the treks in my life

  • Black Women Advocates for Black Teen Girls
  • Black Women Advocates for Black Women Women Undergrad Scholars
  • Black Women Professionals

-Bek, Eco & Water Solutions Strategist

History of Tha Streetz : Tampa Bay

Author: Bek the Eco & Water Solutions Strategist

Eco strategist equipping and empowering the eco savvy to be better strategists creating better sustainable solutions for a better Planet.