Amazon Burning: On the brink of extinction or evolution


Bekkah Marshall is an Eco & Water Solutions Strategist. She has over a decade of professional experience in environmental protection & regulations.
“The Amazon Rainforest is constantly burning in part as a solution to an economic issue. Polarized perspectives will ignite more flames of destruction as global consensus is needed for sustainable economic innovation.”-Bekkah Marshall, Eco Strategist (August 23 ,2019).

(image,2015). A quick reminder to check your data. I chose this data from 2015 to prove a point. I could have labeled it 2019 & I may have gotten away with it. Data manipulation is a real thing. Data manipulation happens when data is used to support a viewpoint or discredit an opposing viewpoint, with data being misrepresented knowingly.
Don’t be a data manipulator!
Here’s where Amazonia data sets can be sourced
Info Amazonia

Published by Bek the Eco & Water Solutions Strategist

Eco strategist equipping and empowering the eco savvy to be better strategists creating better sustainable solutions for a better Planet.

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