The Toll

In my work, it’s noted that throughout Africa & the African Diaspora, a common truth that rises to the surface is Black communities & environmental degradation & a lack of clean water access intersects time & time again, no matter the geographical location.

Let’s trek through the toll of environmental degradation, a lack of clean water access – with a focus on Uniontown, Alabama

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If you were a resident of Uniontown how would you strategize sustainable solutions?


Let’s trek back to your community.

Do you know where your drinking water is sourced from?

What local and state departments and agencies regulate and treat domestic wastewater for your region?

What days and times are local and county environmental and water related meetings held?

The Trek With Bek Project champions the concept of starting where you are. The more you learn about your local environmental & water related matters, the better you can empower communities up close and at a distance.

The look at Uniontown, Alabama will be an ongoing discussion with perspectives presented by the Trek With Bek Project.

Let’s trek for a better Planet!

Author: Bek the Eco & Water Solutions Strategist

Eco strategist equipping and empowering the eco savvy to be better strategists creating better sustainable solutions for a better Planet.