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Welcome, I am Bek! I will serve as your guide, instructor and/or strategist.

I have over a decade of regulatory experience involving water quality & treatment and environmental protection . In addition I am a Certified Environmental Health Professional with a focus on waterborne & foodborne illnesses. All these experiences & expertise are now used across Africa & the African Diaspora to strategize solutions as I serve as an Eco & Water Solutions Strategist.

After visiting Ghana & later consulting on water issues for regions in Ghana, I was inspired to share my experiences for the personal & professional empowerment of Black Women Advocates, Scholars & Professionals.

I invite you to join me on real world treks of solving water issues while culturally connecting to the people in Ghana. -Bek



* Online Interactive Course with Downloadable Content
Recommended for Grades 6-8 and Grades 9-12

The same content is presented in both ebooks yet increases in difficulty from middle to high school level concepts.

Trek through rural regions within Ghana to solve common water quality, treatment & access issues. Participants will be challenged to strategize water solutions from different viewpoints from scientists to community leaders & many more. 

Topics include: Sources of Water, Water Contamination, Water Filtration, Types of Wells,  Waterborne Diseases, Environmental Careers- Environmental Policy Analyst, Environmental Engineer, Environmental Health Professional & Environmental Scientist 

Bonus Content 

  • Hand Pump Design and Repair (only included for Grades 9-12 version)
  • Creativity Exercises including Persuasive & Poetry Writing 

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5 Water Topics & Problem Solving Activities ( Grades 6-8)

7 Water Topics & Problem Solving Activities ( Grades 9-12)


Audio Book with Downloadable Content
Recommended for Undegraduate Scholars – Sustainability & **Eco STEM Majors **(environmentally focused science, tech, engineering & math)

Trek With Bek as she shares her experiences & strategies as a former undergraduate science researcher and currently as a Global Eco & Water Solutions Strategist.

This guide contains real world information with a dose of humor and heart which is difficult to find in one geeked out source nowadays.

9 top water topics will be presented, along with up to date research progress and proposed solutions. Included are steps:

  • for breaking down research methodology and
  • for expanding your research while collaborating globally for career preparation.

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Audio Book with Bonus Downloable Content
Recommended for Black Women Professionals in Sustainability & STEM Professio

Trek With Bek on a professional and personal level as she shares her holistic strategies, lessons learned & experiences while Strategizing Water Solutions from the United States of America to Ghana

This journey was designed with the Black Woman Professional in environmentally focused science tech engineering and math in mind.

In this trek we deep dive into topics such as:

  • Defining & Reconnecting with Africa & the African Diaspora from an Empowered Space (emphasis on the United States of America and Ghana)
  • Cultural Bridges & Cultural Barriers
  • Solving water issues from a multi-perspective approach
  • Holistic Leadership, Emotional Wellness & much more.

This is a unique trek where Bek guides you through personal & professional empowerment while positioning you to be a better strategist by first being a more inspired you.

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