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  • Women-Led Organizations & Groups for Women Undergraduate STEM Scholars
  • Women Professionals in (Environmentally Focused) STEM
  • Women Community & Non Profit Leaders
  • Women Pan African Business & Sustainability Leaders
  • Women Pan African STEM Leaders & Educators
  • Women Project Managers – Sustainable Development

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your topic suggestions regarding water, environment, sustainability and/or pan african stem in africa & throughout the african diaspora are welcomed

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The upgradable option includes a strategy session. Scroll for more.👇🏽

Consultation opportunity to connect with a credentialed, 16 year expert in strategizing eco & water solutions for various stakeholders.

60-Minute Strategy Session


60-min strategy session to assist with providing next steps for an issue with a customized action plan. Affordable option to receive a one-on-one session with a 16 year expert in water, environmental and STEM ( science tech engineering & science) subject matter.

In addition this call can aid in determining if further services or products offered by BMPowered Consulting & Services LLC can provide desired results.

Benefit of Investment:

Experience a strategic approach that clarifies a high priority issue and positions you to move forward with the best next action step.


Quick, high impact 60-min one-on-one strategy session with a 16 year expert plus a strategic action driven plan customized for your specific needs.

Recommend caller take notes.

Call recording made available.

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