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Bekkah ( Bek) Marshall, CEHP
Certified Environmental Health Professional
Trained Environmental Scientist
Eco & Water Solutions Strategist

Bek serves as the main instructor at the Eco Savvy Academy – Trek With Bek Project Section with invited instructors to present specific training. She engages & equips with her decade plus academic & professional experiences in food security, water quality & treatment & environmental protection.

She currently serves as an Eco & Water Solutions Strategist for her company BMPowered Consulting & Services, with a growing list of clients in West Africa. As an instructor she designs courses that reflect real world issues that occur on a project.

Courses, information, networking opportunities& treks are aligned with 3 areas (1) Rural Water (2) ECO STEM*/ Pan African STEM* (3) Global Perspective.

*STEM science tech engineering math

June theme

here is the outline theme for June that will be presented on my social media pages -Facebook

rural water

where does your drinking water come from? what’s your drinking water story?

water stories that capture the extreme reality of communities without a constant supply of water reveal a critical need for clean water access, training and clean water professionals & organizations

Check out the poetic expressions


Are you a Black / African that operates a clean water /water related organization or business? Do you want to be connected to like minded individuals & similar clean water initiatives? Begin the trek by connecting with the eco good network to be notified when the networking pops off !


shareable image to promote strategy session

One issue strategized from environmentally focused science, tech, engineering, math (ECO STEM) and/ or eco/ water project related subject matter impacting or involving sustainably driven african centered institutions, professionals, organizations, developers and/or businesses.


  • 30 minutes – strategy session for clarity, purpose & action
  • 3 point action plan including any needed technical / scientific assessment

SESSION INVESTMENT: starting at $250 $97.00 for a limited time ; month of June Special ( Juneteenth)

Limited slots available due to ongoing prior commitments to medium to large scale eco & water projects.

DETAILS: Additional details provided upon confirmation of payment.

POLICY: All bookings are final. No refunds.

eco s.t.e.m.


Be added to a database to be connected & for networking opportunities of professionals with knowledge skills and abilities for the betterment of Africa & the African Diaspora.

scholar – strategist section

volunteer & experience gaining opportunities

Request information

Unpaid opportunities available to collegiate scholars providing real world experience & skills in water, energy & sustainable development.

book bek for the summer

Book bek

Rare opportunity to Book Bek for a one on one or group interaction at a heavily discounted rate. Non discounted rate starts at $300 per hour.

30 mins $59.00 only 5 slots made available – Juneteenth Special

Choose a theme & 1 speaking point

How does it work? The selected theme determines how the one selected speaking point is presented.


cultural competency

Cultural competency is the proven ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures. Cultural competency encompasses

  • being aware of one’s own world view
  • developing positive attitudes towards cultural differences
  • gaining knowledge of different cultural practices and world views
  • developing skills for communication and interaction across cultures.

language bridges

Let’s explore languages spoken within Africa & the African Diaspora

Do you want to offer your language services to Diasporans, Repatriates and Business / Travel Groups? Fill out form to be added to database.

Thank you for trekking with Bek!