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Topic suggestions listed below:

*Creating Strategies as a Black Woman Advocate for Academically Successful Black Teen Girls in Environmentally Connected STEM (Emphasis Water Related Studies)

*Helping Black Teen Girls Excel from Scholar to Strategist in STEM subjects

* Ways to be a more strategic & holistic Black Woman Advocate for self, teen girls & Africa & the African Diaspora

*Or Custom Question

Topic suggestions listed below:

*Navigating Environmental Science, Engineering, Research & other Environmentally focused STEM Academic & Professional Journeys ( With a Water Studies Emphasis)

*Or Custom Question

Topic suggestion listed below:

*Water Quality, Treatment & Clean Water Access, Programs & Projects – within Africa and/or African Diaspora

Women & Black based Water Business & Organizations Topic suggestion listed below:

*Strategizing Water Quality, Treatment & Clean Water Access, Programs & Projects – within Africa and/or African Diaspora (business/organizational approach)


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For eco questions such as

*Strategically Solving Environmental Issues in Impacted Areas: Emphasis Water Pollution

• on a community level

• from a environmental regulatory & compliance viewpoint

• ideal for community, organizational and small business leaders