eco good network

Welcome to the Trek With Bek Project-Eco Good Water Network. This is a simple effort to connect those for eco good with organizations that are involved with clean water & access and sustainability efforts in Africa and throughout the African Diaspora.

There is currently no charge to have an organization promoted on the Trek With Bek Project formats and mediums. This offering is reviewed annually to gauge its effectiveness.

This network provides a solution for Black founded/owned/operated organizations to be promoted & collaborated with by those in Africa & throughout the African Diaspora.

Currently the Trek With Bek Project is specifically seeking to connect with organizations & businesses working for clean water & sustainability efforts or providing water services or products in Gambia, Ghana and Senegal.

Nevertheless water & sustainability organizations in Africa & throughout the African Diaspora are still encouraged to register.

Please fill out the form below or share the page with those who can benefit from this listing.

Organization must have a program in operation to address clean water access and sustainability in Africa and/or throughout the African Diaspora.

Business must be operational and providing water related products & services.

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