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Bekkah ( Bek) Marshall, CEHP
Certified Environmental Health Professional
Trained Environmental Scientist
Eco & Water Solutions Strategist

Consulting, Instructing & Speaking services, Courses & Products & Treks are aligned with

ECO STEM*/ Pan African STEM*

*STEM science tech engineering math

theme OF JUNE & JULY:Juneteenth empowerment

here is the outline theme for June that will be presented on my social media pages –



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Juneteenth Sales Countdown

eco s.t.e.m.

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scholar – strategist section

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Rare opportunity to Book Bek for a one on one or group virtual interaction at a heavily discounted rate. Non discounted rate starts at $325 per hour for customized live or virtual speaking & instructional services.

🚨30 mins $59.00 limited slots available – Juneteenth Special 🚨

Choose a theme & 1 speaking point

How does it work? The selected theme determines how the one selected speaking point is presented. Presentation Outline provided before scheduled event.


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One issue strategized from environmentally focused science, tech, engineering, math (ECO STEM) and/ or eco/ water project related subject matter impacting or involving sustainably driven african centered institutions, professionals, organizations, developers and/or businesses.


  • 30 minutes – strategy session for clarity, purpose & action
  • 3 point action plan including any needed technical / scientific assessment

SESSION INVESTMENT: starting at $250 $97.00 for a limited time ; month of June Special ( Juneteenth)

Limited slots available due to ongoing prior commitments to medium to large scale eco & water projects.

DETAILS: Additional details provided upon confirmation of payment.

POLICY: All bookings are final. No refunds.

Book a 30-minute Strategy Session or explore other options that fit your needs.

Questions about booking Bek?


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