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Does the Trek With Bek Project serve Eco-Savvy Black Women Strategists only?


The Trek With Bek Project aim is to ensure that products and services are customized to the interests and needs of eco-savvy black women strategists and networks such as black-owned or operated eco businesses and organizations.


What African Countries does the Trek With Bek Project currently network with?


The African Countries that are being networked with at this time are Ghana and Senegal.

Eco-driven opportunities in Senegal and Ghana are provided through strategic networks only.

Subscribers to the Trek With Bek Newsletter will get the first notice on eco-driven opportunities in Ghana, Senegal and targeted areas in the African Diaspora.

Subscribe and select (Trek With Bek-Africa) for detailed information.

If you are connected with a black-owned or operated eco-business and/or organization.

Subscribe and select (Black Eco-Business & Organization) for detailed information.



How does the Trek With Bek Project determine who to work with and what countries to visit?


The Trek With Bek Project is evaluated every year. Evaluation determines its effectiveness in equipping black eco-savvy women strategists with methods and eco-driven opportunities to be better strategists in developing and contributing to sustainable solutions.

Networks are sought and evaluated to ensure The Trek With Bek Project is a part of productive networks, especially in Senegal, Ghana and targeted areas within the African Diaspora.

Scheduled travel is created from the lists of networks.


Is there a cost to post eco-driven opportunities or to apply for them?


At this moment no costs are associated with posting or submitting an eco-driven opportunity. In addition, there are no costs associated with applying for any eco-driven opportunities.

Due to this factor, the submitter and applicant are responsible for the application process.

Upon evaluation of this offering, a cost-based referral and applicant system may be used to facilitate the process.


Do you network with specific colleges/universities in the United States, Ghana & Senegal?


The Trek With Bek Project has on ongoing effort to strengthen networks with Florida HBCUs that have environmentally based programs

Bethune Cookman University

Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University