The Trek With Bek Project is an ongoing for profit initiative that empowers, equips & connects Eco Savvy Black Women Strategists in environmentally focused studies & professions with training, networks & opportunities to collaborate for water solutions in Africa & the African Diaspora.

The Trek With Bek Project is not a non-profit or charity organization. The annually evaluated initiative is affiliated with BMPowered Consulting & Services and provides personal & professional development products & services designed for Black Women Advocates, Scholars & Professionals in Eco STEM (environmentally focused science,technology, engineering & math) with an emphasis on. The personal & professional development products & services offered are available to any interested party. Nevertheless, please note the content is culturally curated with a degree of specificity.

Culturally connecting content designed for:

  • Eco Savvy Women Advocates for Teen Girls
  • Eco Savvy Women Undergraduate Scholars
  • Eco Savvy Women Professionals

The following are Eco Good Collaborators that provide networking & strategizing for water solutions opportunities.

  • Independent African Centered Educators & Institutes
  • Eco & Water Businesses/ Organizations
  • Eco Tourism Providers: Africa & African Diaspora

Project Vision: To positively impact & influence the solution based approaches of culturally connected Eco Savvy Women advocates, scholars & professionals when collaboratively solving water issues in Africa & the African Diaspora.

Project Mission: To collectively address the African Brain Drain and Black Women in Eco STEM* participation through maximizing culturally connected intellectual capital and resource exchanges when addressing water issues in Africa & the African Diaspora.

Products & Services: Content is aligned with addressing the Sustainable Development Goal for Clean Water & Sanitation. In addition Water Quality & Treatment of Small Water Systems & Water Sustainability are emphasized topics. Content is enriched to highlight cultural elements within Africa & the African Diaspora. While, personal & professional empowerment for Eco Savvy Black Women Strategists are the core goals of the Trek With Bek Project.