The Trek With Bek Project is an ongoing project for profit project of BMPowered Consulting & Services, LLC .

The project is designed to offer professional development services and products in conjunction with eco-driven opportunities.


Better strategists will create better solutions for a better Planet.


A better, connected Planet.

Each life phase equated to a strategic trek. A trek is a challenging journey usually by foot. Bek navigated each phase following in-depth strategies and now instructs how to do the same step by step.

The services and products offered include top-researched methods and applied strategies extracted from Bek’s personal development and professional expertise.

She invites you to trek with her in personal and professional empowerment from Scholar to Strategist and Professional Woman to Empowered Strategist.

While also trekking with collaborators toward sustainable solutions for water quality & treatment issues in Africa and the African Diaspora.