USF Water Research Opportunity in Kumasi, Ghana

WASH RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY – University of South Florida Scholars travel abroad to Kumasi, Ghana

To: Undergrad & Grad Scholars
**Research Applications are usually due Feb 1st for Late Spring & Summer Opportunities

The University of South Florida has a water research opportunity in connection with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology.

Here is the information to apply & for further information:

If you are not a University of South Florida Scholar please search science & engineering research opportunities at your university & connect with your academic advisor as soon as possible.


Want to be better prepared to apply to research opportunities? Register for a free 30 minute mini-course taught by Bek.

What you will learn?

  • The team & community dynamics attached to research opportunities
  • The art of marketing your genius & experiences
  • How to maximize the research application process

-Bek, USF Alumna – Environmental Science focus Water Quality & Treatment

Sustainable Farming & Development in Ghana with Ahmahtsiyahu Yisrael

Let’s trek to Ghana. Envision a variety of crops tended to by Ghanaian youth in ag-training, solar powered energy dwellings with water efficient usage and eco driven community engagement outlining a purpose of collective sustainability efforts. This is just the beginning stages of an eco village planned for repatriates which will further include renewable energy powered structures, eco designed dwellings, eco businesses and a interactive classroom, which loops into playing a role in hands on sustainable farming and development. Ahmahtsiyahu Yisrael gives a brief trek of this eco good he is leading in Ghana with a team.

We’re really striving to help expand the holistic organic foods industry here in Ghana and to educate the generations.

Ahmahtsiyahu Yisrael


Sustainable farming and development requires strategic use of resources including water usage & storage. Check out photos & videos of the progress of the well water system and a clip of the hand dug well method.

Credit Source: African Edenic Resettlement & Adamah Veh Zerah
Hand Dug Well Method
Video Credit:

The Trek With Bek Project highlights sustainability efforts in Africa and the African Diaspora especially water sustainability & water quality & treatment while acknowledging Sustainable Development Goal 6 Clean Water & Sanitation.

The Trek With Bek Project is an ongoing for profit project that empowers, equips & connects Eco Savvy Black Women Strategists in environmentally focused studies & professions with training, networks & opportunities to collaborate for water solutions in Africa & the African Diaspora.

Trek With Bek Socially

Amazon Burning: On the brink of extinction or evolution


Bekkah Marshall is an Eco & Water Solutions Strategist. She has over a decade of professional experience in environmental protection & regulations.
“The Amazon Rainforest is constantly burning in part as a solution to an economic issue. Polarized perspectives will ignite more flames of destruction as global consensus is needed for sustainable economic innovation.”-Bekkah Marshall, Eco Strategist (August 23 ,2019).

(image,2015). A quick reminder to check your data. I chose this data from 2015 to prove a point. I could have labeled it 2019 & I may have gotten away with it. Data manipulation is a real thing. Data manipulation happens when data is used to support a viewpoint or discredit an opposing viewpoint, with data being misrepresented knowingly.
Don’t be a data manipulator!
Here’s where Amazonia data sets can be sourced
Info Amazonia