I Am Me -Sampa The Great #supportdopeart

Trek With Bek is an invite for Eco Savvy Black Women Strategists in Eco S.T.E.M.* to trek for personal & professional empowerment & advancement.

As I invite Eco Savvy -Black Women Advocates for Black Teen Girls, Black Women Undergrad Scholars and Black Women Professionals into my personal & professional treks, it so happens that gradually the journey becomes less about me and invites these empowered trekkers to explore & strategically shape their own paths.

The backdrop of the treks are selected explorations of water topics in Africa & the African Diaspora through a ECO S.T.E.M.* lens. Water is the connecting theme & beacons trekkers to reflect and be empowered!

Welcome as you become an even better strategist, creating better sustainable solutions.

Bek, Spiritual & Human Being, Black Woman, Eco & Water Solutions Strategist

*ECO S.T.E.M. = Environmentally/ Sustainability Focused Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics


Highlighting Water Topics & Solutions in Ghana & Select Communities in the United States of America as it intersects the personal & professional treks of Black Women Strategists involved in ECO S.T.E.M.* .

Women for Eco Good