Eco Savvy Women Black Advocates for Black Teen Girls Connecting for an Empowered Future

This section was designed for Eco Savvy Women Advocates to serve as a support system for Teen Girls participating & interested in ECO STEM (environmentally focused science, technology, engineering & math)

In this section, Bek shares:

  • how she strategically overcame childhood poverty to become a first-generation college scholar
  • how she navigated successfully high science and mathematics courses and advanced placement courses as a Black Teen Girl
  • her college experiences as an environmental science major and scientific researcher and the challenges of being a Black Undergraduate Woman Scholar
  • her professional experiences as an environmental regulatory official which involved safeguarding the public and environment against pollution, scientifically analyzing samples and applying environmental policy and regulations
  • the critical need for Black Teen Girls to connect with addressing environmental issues impacting Africa and the African Diaspora


Water Topics & Problem Solving Activities- Black Women Advocates for Black Teen Girls in ECO STEM (Ebook linked with AudiO)

The same content is presented in both ebooks yet increases in difficulty from middle to high school level concepts.

Trek through rural regions within Ghana to solve common water quality, treatment & access issues. Participants will be challenged to strategize water solutions from different viewpoints from scientists to community leaders & many more. 

Topics include: Sources of Water, Water Contamination, Water Filtration, Types of Wells,  Waterborne Diseases, Environmental Careers- Environmental Policy Analyst, Environmental Engineer, Environmental Health Professional & Environmental Scientist 

Bonus Content 

  • Hand Pump Design and Repair
  • Creativity Exercises including Persuasive & Poetry Writing

5 Water Topics & Problem Solving Activities ( Grades 6-8)

7 Water Topics & Problem Solving Activities ( Grades 9-12)