Bek believes in holistic personal & professional empowerment. She began this journey as a Black Teen Girl. She used affirmations, a positive mindset & actions to overcome the presence of violence, poverty & apathy that surrounded her public housing community & to keep her science dreams alive.

Owning her genius, experiences & managing her energy for healing, positivity & empowerment became her go-to theme in her life.

She returned to this theme as a first generation college student to combat fear, signs of dyslexia and unprocessed negative impacts from her upbringing in a challenging & violent environment.

It’s key to mention that to enhance her drive for holistic empowerment & healing , she set out on a quest to be, what she later desired to teach.

She is a Transcendental Meditator (TM©️) and Reiki Practitioner. In addition, she is a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach & Certified Save The Youth Trainer via the Professional Woman Network.

Now as a professional in the Environmental & Water Sector, her holistic experiences & training have become embedded in her work as an Eco & Water Solutions Strategist, Transformational Speaker & Guide.

She invites you to trek with her, as she shares moments & lessons from her past, purposefully maximizes the now while equipping you with strategies for a better future in which you are holistically prepared for.

Let’s trek for an even better you & Planet!


included is empowerment for Black Teen Girls